In"Moonlight," Chiron faces a difficult decision regarding his sexual identity and his relationship with his closest friend, Kevin.

1. Chiron could choose being honesty and reveal his true self, therefore establishing an authentic connection with Kevin as his true self

2. Chiron may be hesitant about the potential reactions about his identity from society/ loved ones

3. Chiron might conceal his true self to avoid prejuice from society therefore putting his safety over honoring his true self

4. Chiron may struggle to align his actions with religious teachings on acceptance and love.

5. Chiron may prioritize his own happiness by choosing to be truthful to himself and honest with Kevin.

6. Chiron may seek advice from a mentor or authority figure on whether to disclose his identity.

7. Chiron may weigh the potential positive impact of honesty on both himself and Kevin, choosing to reveal his true self for the benefit of both.

Personally, I would choose the "Do what feels right inside" option. I believe that being truthful and authentic is crucial to building strong connections and growing as an individual. While it can be a challenging decision, sharing your true self can help others understand and accept you.

I make my best decisions after making visual charts and diagrams in my journal. There is something about being able to map out my problem and be honest with myself that helps me fully assess my situation. I also belive in being true to myself becuase I'm aware that lying to myself about crucial issues is similar to burying myself- and that I will not do. Another thing I like to o it consulting my mom because I know she keeps my best interest in mind always.

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