conversation 2


Beyoncé's song Formation conveyed a message of empowerment, specifically for other African American women or African Americans general when she also spoke about men as well and how she'll reward them after they achieve something for example like the them shopping to get the new J's. With this song, Beyoncé hopes to show her courage to those who criticize her. stating that they are only being ignored and that she will prove them wrong by achieving all of her goals in life. The song's energy and the repeated line "I slay" led me to believe it was a song about empowerment.Beyoncé uses expressive phrases when talking about her nose. She calls it a "negro nose," which is a negative word, but she uses it to show that she owns that term no matter whether its degrading or not she's not going to let any term stop her from accomplishing her dreams. Lastly, I believe the controversy about the song is targeted not to a racists group of people but mostly anyone who hated on her no matter the color of there skin or the language they speak or their religion just anyone who overheated on her for being herself or being black.

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