Conversation 1

Bryan Madison

CRT 100

Professor Barns

5 September 2023

Judging by my knowledge on critical thinking as a whole, I know it to be on the feet of quick thinking no matter the situation regardless of its speed. The ability to not completely use bias to problem solve but think accordingly without being too rational. Taking the way you think but also how others think to go into a deeper dive on your topic. The first speaker defines critical thinking as an art and what comes with it’s mastery is time and effort. He further goes in depth with analyzation and taking apart the thinking aspect as well as looking how it is constructed.  Then proceeds to list ways on the artifacts with reason to reconstruct the thinker to then evaluate a conclusion. He’s doing his best on making sure you have less bias and more facts to ultimately make better decisions and have a more thorough thought process. The second speaker makes the claim opposite of the first speaker stating that you can think with a different thought process based on your experiences without having to analyze completely. He stated that almost every major scientific breakthrough/great innovation is sprung by creative thinking. It’s so fascinating due to the fact that everyone can use this tactic for the simple fact that everyone has a different thought process ro new connections and how they handle them. I agree with both speakers due to the fact that they both bring up valid points towards both claims on how critical thinking can be a tactical process for it to be supported by cold hard facts to it being an art of imagination while using your own rationality based on your way of thinking and maneuvering different situations.

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