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Source 1 title - Religious discrimination.

Author - Office of
Civil Rights


This summarizes that religious discrimination against someone religion and beliefs Therefore, that includes them being mistreated Differently from other employers because of their religion and what they believe in. There are also many other religious areas not only like religious practices meaning them practicing their religion in a public space, but there are also people in groups. They are also in the same Religious Area, so they get to talk about things that they know that the other people in the group will understand. However, this article also talked about the laws against harassment towards people who are religious, and they spoke about if someone is wearing a hijab people will tend to be very rude and disrespectful. They also gave another example that if you are in a job workplace and your boss fires you because he mistakenly thought you were Muslim because you were wearing a turban that can be considered harassment. Because he jumped into conclusion thinking he was Muslim Even though he could have not been Muslim. However, were talking about if’’ an individual is friends with someone that is part of an organization of a particular religion, they will give that person less work’’ which I believe can be unfair because what does some religion have to do with them as a person who is just trying to work to be able to afford things in life.

Source 2 title Muslims, atheists more likely to face religious discrimination in US

Authors were Charles Crabtree of Dartmouth College / Holger Kern of Florida State University/ and John Holbein of the University of Virginia.


This article talked about how Muslims and atheists and how they are most likely to experience religious discrimination More than Christians. Therefore, speaking on how the USA is becoming more culturally diverse than in the past, the rate of change is going fast. Because they continue to speak on how people having a religious bias can cause a problem in society and it is not only religious, but also gender and race can be discriminated against other people Who have Differences in opinions. And they were speaking about how schools Should apply More support towards people who have religious beliefs and that They should not feel that they are getting discriminated by other people who are harassing them and making them feel Like their religion and beliefs that their family Do Is wrong. because there was an example which was Families emailing principles on how they would like to raise their child to be in a Christian/Catholic/Muslim/Atheist/Humanist and they wanted to make sure that that school provides that enough for the parents not to feel worried for their children. Therefore, after those parents sent those emails to the principals, most of them did not get any negative feelings and some just never got a response. And so they were giving us percentage on what happened which was ‘’ the probability of a response declined by as much as 13 percentage points for atheists, nearly 9 percentage points for Muslims, 7.8 percentage points for Catholics and 5.5 percentage points for Protestants.’’ and as I kept reading this article they were speaking on their option's on how 33 people have sent emails to principals and it said ‘’ potential effect of local demographics / whether an urban, diverse community, Democratic or Republican-leaning, or a more homogenous, rural one the observed discrimination against religious minorities was consistent’ ’.

However, what I believe what they mean by this is how they decide not to take actions based on parents wanting their kids who are in religious beliefs to have the support that they need. And how the principals decide to ignore them and not speak up on What they should do better on to make sure that kids that have beliefs and religion are not being harassed or bullied because of it. and they were speaking about the unfairness and mistreatment that people who are religion and how people are against Muslims and atheists based on self-identification. so, in the end of the article they were speaking about how schools should hire more people in the diverse staff which can main a general awareness of changing neighborhood public values of how other people see others who are different races or gender or people who have different religions to make it a better environment for them.

Source 3 Discrimination in healthcare as a barrier to care: experiences of socially disadvantaged

Author -Joshua G. Rivenbark


This article talks about how around nation population how people who would be socially have disadvantage due to what they go by as and their race/ethnicity and religion within the healthcare people how explain that people among those groups will suggest that discrimination in healthcare is associated with medical care. Therefore, they usually pick on women, immigrants that have African origin, and Muslim religion are more likely to have experienced discrimination in healthcare setting because of people's ways of picking targets and people tend to like to make people who are different race/ religion belief unconformable, and they do not really care to show their racism. However, they were speaking about how ‘’ Individuals who have experienced discrimination in the past may be more reluctant to seek health care, as they may perceive it as a setting of increased risk for discrimination. ‘’ therefore, speaking saying how they are scared to seek for help because of their past that may have happened towards them being mistreated and not taken seriously Because of the bad customer service. Which is not good, because if somebody is struggling with a mental illness, it should not matter what race or religion or anything that they go by. A doctor should do their job and help that patient Therefore, as I kept reading this article, they were just telling the readers that just because of someone's religion and ethnicity It should not matter. As your job as a doctor or anyone in the health department, your job is to ensure that the person seeking help gets the help needed.

Response: Discrimination in healthcare as a barrier to care: experiences of socially disadvantaged

I believe that in this article it's not very fair how many people who were a different race /religion doctors refused to help because of that. Therefore, I disagree with that because it's your job as someone in the health care to help people who need assigned so them not wanting to help a patient is unprofessional. Because how are you going to refuse helping someone that might be struggling with a mental illness and that needs a professional assistance to help them figure out what's going on with them? And you're going to decline that just because of their Race and religion beliefs. I think that this is going to affect society Environment. Just because it shouldn't be like that Just because you see someone Being proud of their religion and doing what they do in their religion. You decide that you don't want to help that person because you don't believe in their religion but that doesn't matter, you're the doctor, as your job you need to help people, that's what you do. So, I believe that this is unfair just because You must keep it professional Just because you don't believe in what they believe in doesn't mean that you have every right to decline someone. Who is in need of help? Because now if that person's illness starts to get worse and they end up on their deathbed and they came to you first to figure out what was going on with them, it's going to be on you. Because it's your job to help someone and help them figure out a way to cure either or get treatment. However personally, I don’t agree with that just because yes, they follow a religion so what it's what they want to do why should that affect you as a doctor to be like ‘’no I don’t want to help this person’. Because now they seek for help, and you ignore them so now they are wondering what they can do to get help or figure out what type of illness they got which mean they're going to need to figure out everything themselves just because the doctor didn’t want to be a professional human ignore all the other things. and help the person that is asking for help because if they don't know what's going on and they want to know what they can do to fix this. And this could affect the community overall, because now People are going to feel like they aren't worth it Being in an office That is supposed to help people and be professional and not discriminate towards them just because of their race, gender. And religion That's unfair and disrespectful.

Annotated bibliography

1-Bibliography View of Challenges of Multiculturalism: Integration of Religion in State Policy (

Multiculturalism: Integration of Religion in State Policy

This article talks about religion awareness and how the government should protect people with religion / and how they should be treated equally from others. They were also talking about how they should be protected so those who are in a religion don’t get hate crime or be judged by society. Because people tend to target those who are ‘different’ ’from them, they were talking about how there should be a law that protects those who have religion beliefs. And how they should service that give them action and resources to defend their rights in court and have Legal aid help them in the field of allowing religious people to seek justice and protection. And they were talking about the concentration of human rights because people who are getting mistreated and look differently because of what they go by, or what gender or whatever religion beliefs they have, It's not OK. Because why are they being treated differently when everybody should be treated the same and have the same amount of freedom.

2-bibliography*moz087.pdf (

The right to freedom of religion and the right against religious discrimination

This article talks about how in society human rights are slowly becoming useless, because people don’t really care about it anymore. Therefore, how people are having a debate about what takes terms when it comes to religion freedom and rights against religion discrimination. Therefore, some argue about those who are in the LGBTQIA community and religious discrimination towards people. Another example is that this article speaks about debate around law and religion and how people see the right to freedom of religion and the right against religious discrimination are a distinct of human right. Therefore, speaking on how the rights against religious discrimination is best understood as protecting our interest in the membership of their religious group which I believe they are talking about people who are in groups for example Christianity, Muslims, Buddhists, Indigenous religions. Therefore, this article was also talking about what Different religions can eat and what they avoid eating Because it goes against their religion however, they spoke on how people who go through situations that involve being discriminated by people they tend to fight alone or fight aside with other people because they want their voices to be heard and listened.

3 Bibliography-

The Challenge of Religious Discrimination at the Dawn of the New Millennium | Brill

This Article talks about how the human rights and politics and society could not be a lie in the world because the issue is how people see others who are a different race and people who are in the LGBTQIA community and people who are religiousness the challenges that they go through in the world. Therefore, they talked about how people tend to target those who look easy and those who they know might not know how to defend themselves. Which can make them easier to be hate crime and killed for no reason. which is how the world we live is like it's a matter of learning how to either survive or defend yourself. Therefore, in this article it's about human rights, law and religion; and they spoke on how people should respect others' religion and how everyone should be treated equally.

Why the source was useful.

These sources were useful because they gave enough information. For me to have a somewhat better understanding of what I was trying to bring up and they gave me good evidence to make me hopeful prove my point.

Outline Religious Discrimination

My agreement is why do people who are in a religion group and only follow the rules of their religion get mistreated just because they grew up learning it therefore the reason I say this is because in one the articles I have read gave us an example which was ‘’ if someone is wearing a hijab people will tend to pick on them because they don’t know the actually story on why they wear a hijab which can be offense towards the ones who wear it to express themselves . Therefore, I believe that those who have religious beliefs should be treated with respect and if you do not agree with their religious beliefs then ignore it does not concern you. However more evidence to support my claim is another article I read which was speaking on there should be a law to protect those who are religionists because they should be targeted or harassed and therefore speaking on how everyone should be treated equally and give those who are religionist. The benefit of sources that will help them in court is because they should be able to fight back and use their voices. However like I said before, everyone should be have the same amount of respect and understanding and the reason I say this because I was reading an article which took place in France and how they would do these things like have percentage of people who were a different race or gender or region and how they would decline to help those because of that and that too me made me upset because if you are a doctor your job is to help those in seek for help so what gives them the right to say no I won't be taking in this patient. Therefore, I believe that can be dangerous because what if that person is suffering with an illness and they aren't ready to leave the world yet so they want to find a way to cure their illness and see if they can get treatment and you decline to see them now if they die it's on your hands because they went to you to find help and you as the doctor who in a healthcare department you mistreated them because of whatever you believe in , which I think is unprofessional because you need to help guild them but you instead decide to not take them in because of their religion beliefs and gender, race.

Therefore, to add on it's not only about religion but also about race equality and gender equality which I mean is how most the article I have read not only talk about religion but other topics that are important which is human rights and yes we can agree that everyone has humans rights but not most of time cause there has been cases of black people being killed by white cops or being killed by racist people for example there was this case about this brother going to pick up his siblings and he accidentally Read the address wrong Which led him to another side of the area that he was not supposed to be in And he rang the doorbell and some white man Immediately thought just because he was a black man, he was going to rob him so, the guy opened the door and shot the kid and as the kids is screaming for help he ended up being hospitalized all that guy wanted to do was pick up his siblings and in the world that we live we can't escape racism.

Therefore, the same thing with LGBTQIA people who are in that community people have been hate crime / killed and for whatsoever the people who committee these crimes usually don’t get in that much trouble which I find annoying and unfair because someone lost their lives someone lost their child or partner just because they went by another gender, or they are transgender which people who are transgender get target more because they either identify as women or man and people always get so trigged and say slurs towards them . And evidence to support my claim is there was a case about a women named kylie Monali who was only 41 and she was killed by her cellmate on September 7, 2022 another case on someone who was transgender man named Daniel Aston he was 28-year-old transgender man, and was one of two transgender people that was killed in the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado Springs on November 20, 2022 . Therefore, what I am trying to show is that just because someone is a different race or goes by different gender does not mean they deserve to get their life taken away from them.

My idea on this whole thing is I believe that people who are in a religion should be able to express themselves because why do they deserve to be treated like they aren't worth anything and how would is that human rights and freedom of speech. They should be able to use their voice and not feel like they are different from other people and people should mind their own business because it should not bother them those people were raised in that culture and belief. and people who are a different race should be treated equally and not be looked differently because of their skin tone. The same with people who like the same gender or want to be a different gender what is that so bottleful for others it's not their interested in you so they should leave them alone and let be free to do whatever they want, and I believe that personally for me everyone should not have the fear of being hate crime or killed or either catcalled by men who respectful can't keep it in their pants and just say things that came in their mind without knowing that it can make people uncomfortable . However, I do not like seeing people on the news get killed or beat up for no reason because of people in this world who are just so hateful, and they have no reason behind it, and I do not want to say it is because of how them were raised but sometimes it is because of that. People who do hate crimes, felonies, murders, abusers were raised poorly but it's not only the parents but people you are around too that can be bad influencers

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