Money hardens the soul


Both money and happiness are just circumstances, so neither guarantees happiness. Both can coexist but are only bound to each other because we've made it that way. Materialistic values do not measure the goodness of ones soul and certainly do not equate to the happiness in their heart. Bobby Shwartz on the ted-talk spoke about how identity is a matter of choice. It is my belief that it is also a choice to make money (something that comes and goes) a tool to measure ones self-worth, social importance and general satisfaction with their life. It's also a matter of sociological background, and it's important to look at the root of why someone might think that the money they have is attached to the wellbeing of their soul.
Bobby Shwartz also touches on the idea that being overly ambitious can lead to disappointment when in turn we should keep our expectations low. If we keep our expectations low and remain humble , we can find gratitude for the events that happen to us instead of being with ourselves for an irrational expectation.

Essentially, my belief is that money cannot provide happiness because similar to our emotions, money is fleeting. We should focus on feeding our souls with things that make us good people instead of watching everyone elses pocket and being upset with our own. Many people subconsciously make the mistake of allowing money to harden their soul and blind them from what freedom is. There's no happiness in shackles that bind you to greed or poverty. Therefore, money isn't happiness.

Premises: Our identity is a matter of choice (Ted Talk) /Conclusion: We decide what makes us happy
Premise: "I think a lot of people hate their jobs and their careers, but they do it because they need to pay for their life" Article #2 / Conclusion: Money traps people into miserable lifestyles

My Premise: Materialistic values do not measure the goodness of ones soul / Conclusion: Money doesn't enrich your spirit.

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