Conversation 5


Money does not bring happiness, the more money you have, the more money you want, this leads to the fact that instead of feeling happy or complete, you feel emptier because you just keep wanting money more and more and also that the effort that “is made to obtain the money it gives you. It makes you unhappier because most people work in jobs they don’t even like just because they pay better,” says businessman Gary Vaynerchuk, and money doesn’t buy your emotions to feel better about yourself or be better. a better person, no matter how much money people have. Humans will always feel that they need more and will always feel the need to compare themselves with others says Klontz, but we cannot compare one with the other either, since with money we can buy things or a better living environment, but happiness is not about that, if not how your soul is about what you do for yourself and your environment.

In my opinion, having money does not give you happiness if you hate your job and that job does not contribute anything to you as a person that it would be worth having so much money with a bad life.

In conclusion: money does not guarantee happiness, it is up to us to choose the best to be happy.

Premise : On the other hand, spending money on personal growth, connecting with people and contributing to the community, contributes to happiness, says Lyubomirsky.

My premise : Happiness depends on how good your life is and how satisfied you are with it.

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