Conversation 5

Money can’t guarantee happiness because both money and happiness are circumstantial, when one person has two things that are both valuable and in need of time then one can never cause the other. They become double negatives. Yes, it is true that one person can have money and that another can be happy or that one person can have both money and be happy but one is not the cause of the other. The can coexists but they are not bonded by the laws of causation. In the ted-talk it clearly states that “The secret to happiness is low expectations, but setting isn’t a bad thing. When you are dissatisfied and you ask who’s responsible, the answer is clear, the world is responsible.”

This is a clear example of having your expectation not set to high. If you end up having high expectations then you end up disappointing yourself and if u have high expectations of that money will have you feeling happy then you will be disappointed on a high level when you see that it really doesn’t correlate.

In conclusion, I believe that money does not guarantee happiness because when you are given a lot of money, your happiness goes away with it. Because the moment that you start earning more money, then you will start transforming into a different person. Most people turn into selfish, ignorant and cocky people that just because they have money in their pockets, they forget about being humble. This is why I firmly believe that money does not, and will never guarantee happiness. All it does is give one a sense of temporary fulfillment.


  1. The secret to happiness is low expectations. Ted-talk
  2. ‘’Money can play mind games.’’ Article


  1. Money and happiness are circumstantial.
  2. Don’t expect to much.

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