Minna Weng Conversation 5

“Money doesn’t guarantee happiness.”

In the material world, there is a positive correlation between money and happiness. Money allows us to accomplish many things, but it cannot solve health problems or shield us from emotional fluctuations. Besides money, other factors also contribute to happiness, such as interpersonal relationships, self-realization, personal growth, and progress.

Firstly, a high income does not necessarily bring true happiness. As mentioned in the quote from ‘From the ‘perfect’ salary to keeping up with the Joneses, here’s how money really affects your happiness’ by Cory Stieg: According to Santos, it’s easy to get caught in “golden handcuffs,” or in other words, when you feel trapped in a job you hate because it’s paying a lot of money. ‘ It explains when people are solely focused on making money, their happiness often decreases because they may neglect to enjoy life, reduce their sense of social responsibility, and harm their relationships. Furthermore, it can lead to mental stress, affecting one’s psychological well-being.

Secondly, another quote states, “Studies suggest that when we feel like we can’t maintain the same standard of living as our peers, it makes us unhappy. ” This illustrates that happiness does not come from constant comparison with others and trying to outdo them materially. Continuously comparing oneself to others can lead to jealousy and resentment, causing distress and unhappiness. Therefore, we should spend time focusing on realizing our own values, doing things we love and enjoy, and living according to our own principles.

The prerequisite for happiness is understanding one’s own values, living life in one’s own way, and finding happiness in doing so.

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