“The Paradox of Choice”

Conclusion: Low expectations are key to happiness: too many choices lead to paralysis and depression.


– Life was better when everything was worse–fewer choices like 1 pair of pants to buy rather than having so many options

-When your options are limited you are more content

-the more choices the more high expectations the more dissatisfaction

-we have too many choices in technology, health care, gender, marriage

You have watched The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz /TEDTalk and read at least one of the Money and Happiness articles. Select one of the articles so that you can focus on the TEDTalk and one of the articles. 

For each source, state the author’s/ speaker’s conclusion and their premises

Next, create your own argument about this topic. Use evidence from all 2 (or 3 if you wish) sources. For example, you could argue that money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Or you could agree/ disagree with one of the authors, restate their premises, and add your own premises.

Respond to at least 1 classmate. Comment on their argument: do you agree or disagree, is there enough evidence, etc?

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