James: Conversation 4: Cults

Title: The Frugality Club

Leadership: I will lead The Frugality Club, using my smarts to guide our mission.

Rules of The Frugality Club:

  1. Keep it Secret: Never tell anyone outside the club about us, so we stay low-key.
  2. Get Stuff Smart: Share tips on how to get free or cheap stuff, so everyone wins.
  3. Help Each Other: We stick together and help members get what they need.
  4. Make Friends: Connect with others who can help us find deals.
  5. Stay Sharp: We adapt to new ways of saving money.

Recruitment Strategy: To get more folks to join, here’s our plan:

  1. Online Posts: Share success stories and invite new members on social media.
  2. Special Guides: Share secret guides only for club members to get freebies.
  3. Cool Workshops: Teach money-saving tricks at meetings and get people interested.
  4. Ads for Us: Use ads that talk to people looking to save cash.
  5. Tell Friends: Quietly bring in friends and family who’d be into this.

Why Join The Frugality Club? Joining us has loads of perks:

  • Save Cash: Learn how to cut costs and have more money in your pocket.
  • Friendly Crew: Hang with us and help each other out.
  • Free Stuff: Find out where to score freebies and discounts.
  • Get Smarter: Learn cool money skills you can use forever.
  • Keep It Quiet: We keep your secrets safe.

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