Savannah Lucas – “Superior I”


The cult I have created is called “The journey to Superior I”, the letter “I” standing for yourself. In this cult you will be devoting many areas of your life to reaching the highest version of self-possible. I say possible because as we go through the many phases of our lives our definition of greatness changes, and only after experience will the leaves that cover up the remainders of the paths we are doing down, begin to clear.

You must train your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body to begin to experience life in a more intense and vivid way. Taking special notice of the simplest of objects and interactions and finding a deeper meaning into everything. You must report your discoveries and your newly found definitions into the cult which meets weekly. See in this world, as we had discussed at an earlier date in class, throughout the 12 years we have been mandated to spend in school, we have only been taught what to think. The how to think has never been explained to us and only through our own evaluations of our own personal lives have we learned the “how”. Why is this? That the only information fed to us is not given with intention to fulfill, but rather to conclude. It is because we are not taught to think. We are taught to work, trained from the earliest of our days to follow, to conform, and to be “normal”. And although we can all agree that being “normal” is subjective, we all stand a common ground on what that word looks like. Why? Because normality is included in our “what to think” algorithms. And thinking deeply is not dispersed in that, in fact many find those who look at the simplistic values of life with much thought and analyzation a bit crazy.
I have on the other hand found it to be revitalizing and the most divine experience making it the closest I have come to self-possible. When we look at things that everyone merely skims over with our own freedom of thought, we begin to see who we really are. We were taught what to say, what to analyze, what to believe and many more “what’s” under the moon, influencing our thought processes in ways that we will not notice at the minds surface because this method has been programmed into us for so long it is natural and essentially, part of the definition we have of ourselves. I say the simplest of things, because they aren’t taught in our “what’s” because on the surface, they seem to have no mental value allowing you to create your own definitions and viewpoints without the “programmed influence”.
So, on the journey to superior I, spend a little longer looking a tree, at the cracks in paint at the subway stations, at the first leaf you see fall off of a tree when you first begin to smell autumn, spend a little longer listening to silence, admire an older woman’s beauty, spend a little longer enjoying your food and think. Think about it all, because in those thoughts that you have newly incorporated into your life may be something so profound it changes you, changes your life, influences a big decision and creates a new definition of self.
In this cult the leader is you. Superior I is the higher power you already have within you, it is the voice that echoes when you begin to listen to your own silence, very carefully. It is your own and personal ruler which when in touch with no one can over-throw. I can only be here to guide you to this version, and to my own extents because just as you are, I am on the same journey. The rules are simple, and briefly explained above; take your time, listen to your silence, pay attention, question everything and write it all down. This cult will live inside of you. Our once-a-week meeting will be held at various locations for whichever meets to needs of us all, the meeting is important because not many live this way, it is an insightful accommodation to yourself in order to explore the expanding minds of others with the reminder that you indeed, are not going crazy.

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