Conversation 4

  1. Create a cult. Perhaps start with something you’re interested in, and think of ways your knowledge about this topic could benefit others. Select a leader (you?).

One day I was walking through my home town in Ecuador and something was on my mind who do the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. That’s when it hit me family-owned business, local stores suddenly growing into fast chains. All these things are possible due to the connections people have with one another take Mc Donald’s for example they get their supply of meat and fries from a specific source which has maintained the same for a various number of years. This means that the relationship that they have with one another helps them stay in business while using the public’s money and they keep it and spend it on themselves. So, I decided to use my resources and called up some friends to let them know I would guarantee the, fame, money and success. The deal was to all have our money piled up and that whatever we needed we would get from one another one we would sell to the public but only buy within ourselves. Let’s say I have 20 water bottles in my possession then I can sell these 20 water bottles to anyone but let’s say I want to buy water bottles I cannot buy from anyone else that is not in the cult. So, this is a way to ensure that our money can stay within the cult.

  •  Establish the rules of the cult.
  • Make strong, smart and trustworthy outside connections.
  • Don’t spend money outside connections/ the cult.
  • Your money is the cults money and the cults money is your money.
  • No leaving
  • Prove you are a worthy, trustful, and valuable asset to the cult (Bring in money).
  • Where will this cult live?

We will have sectors around various places, base will be in queens.

  • How will you recruit followers?

The cult finds you and we benefit each other.

  • Why should we join?

Guarantee riches and success.

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