Savannah Lucas – Conversation 3


The 3 articles I will be covering are “outrage over New Mexico governors temporary gun ban” by Associated Press (from the left), “New Mexico Governor suspends gun rights in Albuquerque” by Suzanne Bates (from the center), and “New Mexico sheriff says “No” to governors gun ban” by Charles Kim (from the right).

The event covered in the three articles is the issue of a public health order by New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, which temporarily suspends the right to carry firearms in certain public places around Albuquerque due to rising violence. All three articles mention Governor Lujan Grisham's issuance of the 30 day order, legal challenges and concerns about the order's constitutionality and recent incidents of gun violence, including the death of an 11 year old boy. The left leaning article emphasizes criticism from different groups and mentions proposals for impeachment against the governor. It gives more prominence to opinionated voices, possibly to align with its audience's perspective. The right leaning article strongly supports the Bernalillo County Sheriff's refusal to enforce the order and emphasizes Second Amendment rights, aligning with a conservative viewpoint. The center article maintains a more balanced tone, presenting both sides without strong bias in either direction. Language in the left leaning article portrays the order as controversial and unconstitutional, while the right leaning article uses strong language in support of constitutional rights. The center article adopts a more neutral tone. Bias is most noticeable in the left-leaning and right-leaning articles, with the left favoring criticism of the governor's order and the right strongly supporting the sheriff's stance. The center article provides a more balanced view.

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