Bias Convo #3


The event that I chose was about the newly approved COVID-19 booster.
Some key facts that I noted were:
L: In support of the vaccines and boosters (Huffpost)
R: Heavily skeptic and uses negative, ambiguous language (The National Pulse)/(Fox)
C: No perspective is pushed, only facts about what health agencies wants (Wall Street Journal)

Each article highlighted the spread of the new omicron variants being the lead cause for boosters being readily available.

Fox news began it’s article pointing a finger at the white house stating:”The White House appears to be framing a selling point to Americans skeptical of getting an updated COVID-19 vaccine shot as an annual booster like the flu shot”. The other articles did not bring up the white house but instead, BioNTech and the CDC. I believe they used this rhetoric so that the president, Joe Biden can be seen in a bad light. The wording makes the whitehouse seem as though it has a secret agenda and can’t be fully trusted.

Language that I noticed from
L: “A new Covid-19 vaccine is available — and recommended — for everyone ages 6 months and older” : Gives a sense of urgency and availability so that people can take the vaccine
R: “Biden Wants Cash for New Vaccines After CDC Admits They Don’t Stop Transmission” Makes Biden sound money hungry and negligent to facts
C: “The Food and Drug Administration cleared updated Covid-19 shots, which should protect against the latest versions of the virus now circulating—if people get them.”: The rhetoric used can insinuate that CNN is for the vaccine but also wants people to know that the vaccine doesn’t work unless people take it.

Was there leading or subjective language to favor one point of view over another?
Huffpost (Liberal) Stated: “updated vaccinations will “better protect you and your loved ones.” The wording here makes readers feel like they have a responsibility to protect those they care about, and can do that by getting vaccinated.
The bias I detected was from the far right when The National Pulse stated “Biden, who has spent weeks on end on vacation, told a reporter amidst a chorus of boos”. This statement is negative towards Biden and creates a sense that not only do the people not like him, but he is careless and spends his time on personal leisure rather than taking care of American Citizens.

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