Conversation 2 Minna Weng

1, Indeed, the music video for “Formation” is provocative and carries strong political messages. Beyoncé aims to convey a message of “Resist racial discrimination” through both the song and the video. It’s a powerful and deliberate effort to raise awareness and encourage action against racial discrimination and inequality.

2, It is different. The first time I heard this song I just felt the song has a strong rhythm and didn’t think much about it. Formation is a visual hymn. Lyrics are full of slaying and give a sense of power.

3, Matsoukas helped transform Beyoncé into an American Southern aristocrat in the music video “Formation.” Throughout the video, Beyoncé adopts a range of fashion styles, delivers commanding dance moves, and addresses sensitive topics such as race, women’s rights, and police abuse, all set to powerful rhythms. This transformation and the thematic elements of the video showcase Beyoncé’s ability to use her artistry to make a bold statement and engage with important societal issues.

4,’ Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess. Paparazzi, catch my fly and my cocky fresh’ The lyric uses metaphorical rhetoric to satirize those who dismiss her success and the paparazzi’s insatiable need to follow Beyoncé and her family. “I slay, OK, I slay,” is repeated over and over again, emphasizing her murderousness. Beyoncé won’t let any haters defeat her. Beyoncé is proud to be from the South, where her strength, her perseverance, and her talent lie, and she will never forget where she or her family comes from.

5, The most significant breakthrough in “Formation” is Beyoncé’s gradual shift from focusing on feminism to addressing issues of racial discrimination and human rights. The song and video critique the ongoing discrimination against Black people in the United States. On September 1, 2005, New Orleans witnessed an eruption of anarchy and chaos, marked by escalating looting in certain areas. The looters engaged in increasingly violent acts, including arson, murder, robbery, and sexual assault, all in plain view of law enforcement and guards. They even exchanged gunfire with the police. Notably, New Orleans has a substantial Black population, highlighting the irony of the local police’s inaction in the face of such violence and lawlessness.

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