Conversation 1:Critical Thinking


Critical thinking means you have the ability to not be biased and put your own opinion to the side to analyze and evaluate information in a logical manner. It involes someone with the ability to actively assess information that they gather and make reasonable or rational decisions upon them. Being able to raise more questions on your topic, theories, and even being opened to the ideas that your piers might have all go into critical thinking. One cool thing about critical thinking is that most of the times during our day to day lives we critical think. The way that we all critical think varies a bit depending on what we do in our everyday lives but it is quite fascinating how we all critically think and sometimes don't even know it. For example if you were to watch a marvel movie and then stay a bit longer after the credits roll to see the post credits you will be left in ah and start coming up with theories on what it was you just saw and what might take place in the movie to come next. This is just one of the ways that people use critical thinking in their everyday lives. Overall critical thinking is a skill that we all posses but when we choose to use it all depends on what were doing in our day to day lives.

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