Aissata Diallo Conversation 1

What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the act of inspecting and examining multiple aspects of situations with the intention of improving your thoughts. It is an art that requires you to not only use your imagination, but forces you to change the way that you see things and attempt to see things in a completely divergent lens. It is the act of challenging your thoughts in order to expand your mind. Gary Meegan defines critical thinking as better understanding the world and the things around us. He also mentions critical thinking as the art of evaluating thinking with a view to improving it and using this to discover how others think. Jesse Richardson sees thinking as natural and a way of making new connections. It teaches us how to question the life around us, not fearing whether we are wrong or right. He feels as if we should be able to see things and receive more than one outcome from the age of a child and goes into depth about how this can benefit us later on in life. I agree with both speakers, as they both helped me understand why and how critical thinking is important and gave me a better view on what they see critical thinking as.

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