Week 10/ Peer Review Begins, Week 8 Graded, Essay Draft Due by Tonight 10/30

Dear CRT Students,

First of all, I hope that you and your families are doing well and staying safe.

I was reading your article summaries and responses, and thinking how much I am looking forward to reading your essays–the range of topics is broad and fascinating. Great start, everyone. Now the challenge is to figure out how to narrow down your topic to something that can be argued in 5 pages, and to come up with a research question and then a working thesis statement. Remember, if your argument states something obvious, what’s the point of writing the essay? The goal here is to select a controversial issue, pick a side and try to convince those who disagree. Feel free to email me with possible thesis statements/ conclusions.

Essay outlines and drafts are due by tonight, for peer review. This week/ unit I ask that you read and comment on two of your classmates’ essays, and compose an annotated bibliography. Both are steps that lead to the final draft of your argumentative essay. Next week/ unit is all about self-care and essay revision–and then submitting the final draft by November 13th.

A few of you have asked for extensions to submit your drafts–so I am opening this option for everyone, but would truly appreciate it if everyone posted their draft over the next few days so that your classmates have enough time to peer review your drafts by next Monday.

PS. Post 7 is also due by tonight–let’s hear about more fallacies!

Take care,

Prof. Barnes

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