Peer Review Oct 30-Nov 6

Your outline should include the following:

  • your topic
  • your thesis/ conclusion
  • your premises and evidence/ sources

Your draft should include the following:

  • Your working thesis statement/ conclusion
  • At least 3 body paragraphs, each with a premise and supporting evidence, including one counterargument with your rebuttal

Your outline is like a skeleton of your draft.

Submit your outline + draft of the argument essay here, as a post (the category is Peer Review).

Review two of your classmates’ outlines and essays using the Peer Review Questions by replying to their posts with essay drafts. The goal here is to select essays that haven’t yet been peer-reviewed or that have been peer-reviewed once. If this isn’t possible, you may comment on any essay available.

Please note: if the deadline for the draft submission has passed and there is only 1 essay for you to review, your job is to only review that 1 essay. If there are no essays to review, review your own essay. I will not penalize you for not reviewing work that isn’t there, but you must still complete the assignment to receive credit. Ideally, everyone will receive feedback from 2 classmates, and provide feedback to 2 classmates. Good luck.

50 points: you submitted your essay by the deadline- Oct 30

50 points: you peer-reviewed 2 available essays by deadline by answering 10 peer review questions for each one- by Nov 6

25 points extra: any EC option

Peer Review Questions

Select two essays here in Conversation/ Peer Review. Read them and answer the 10 questions below about each draft by replying to the classmate whose draft you are working on. Be sure to explain your answers–replies like “Yes” and “No” and even “Yes, this draft includes a thesis statement” are not helpful–be specific.

1.Does the draft include a thesis statement/ conclusion? What is it? Is it clearly stated and arguable?

2.Does every body paragraph begin with a premise/ topic sentence that supports the thesis?

3.Does each body paragraph include relevant supporting evidence? Explain.

4.Does the draft include 3 sources, at least two of which are from CQ Researcher or Opposing Viewpoints/ BMCC database?

5.Does the research support the author’s thesis without replacing their voice? For example, if there is a quote, is it explained and analyzed?

6.Does the author include at least 1 opposing viewpoint, followed by a refutation? Explain.

7.Is it clear who the audience is/ who the draft is addressed to?

8. Does the author include an outline? If so, is the outline well-organized?

9. What are the strengths of this draft?

10. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

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