Natacha Cortes


In watching the video “The paradox choice” I can absolutely agree on many things he stated. We live in this new generation where most if not everyone no matter what their situation may be they are never satisfied. Barry Schwartz made a comment about a couple in the hamptons, an expensive place the mind can only think about something else such as parking while everyone is away. To me it is like no matter how much we have we will always want more in addition to that we are always in competition with someone else.In the beginning of the video Barry speaks about cellphones and how new phones will have dramatically everything which is completely true nowadays electronics is life. Imagine not having a phone in this new generation. Everything is based on electronics.His analysis of all of this because paralysis is completely correct in my opinion. Our minds are always wandering as he stated life is a matter of choice our minds are chaos. We are never satisfied, when we make choices we are questioning those choices and when we don’t make the choices we regret not making the choices. Does Money give you happiness? I do not agree nor do I disagree here is the thing when it comes to not having no money you're unhappy because you're struggling, when she has too much money you are unhappy because it means more responsibility. In addition you have to worry about people only being out for your money. Sure having money is great as not struggling is amazing but if you're not happy within or with yourself then what is money really doing. When you don’t have any money sure it means you have to work twice as hard to get what you want but at least you learn a sense of morality. I believe that in this article High income improves evaluation of life but not emotional well-being by Daniel Kahneman and Angus DeatonAuthors Info & Affiliations the writer stated how a study shown that with low income is has a low life evaluation and low emotional well being and the higher income buys life satisfaction. In some way I agree with this statement only because I do believe that higher incomes are slightly entitled. I have encountered people of higher income who think that because they have money they will be treated like royalty and there are others who do treat them that way. The question is are they really happy or is it a facade. In regards to low income sure its a negative effect but not always. I grew up in a poor community and because we fought for what we want and worked hard to get to where we are in our eyes we are rich and it makes us happy to be content. We were raised to see the bigger picture and that is where happiness comes from being able to do what you want and being content with your choices.

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