Natacha Cortes


In reading a few articles on CNN I decided to go with the recent topics with President Biden, one topic in particular was about a blast when the president chose to speak out about the budget of the house Gop’s.In this article called Biden blasts House GOP’s budget proposals as he readies for a shutdown fight by Donald Judd Biden speaks about how from the moment he became president all he has been was attacked. He basically states that although he has been doubted and attacked and all bad has been pointed out that no one seems to point out the accomplishments. He begins to speak on what he has done that has gone unnoticed which is how over 30 million jobs have been opened in the past 2 years which no president has done in their 4 year term. In this article Biden also speaks about how speaker Mcarthy and how he essentially is attempting to oust him and this spending bill. In another article on CNN by Clare Foran, Haley Talbot and Kristin Wilson, CNN called McCarthy faces a threat to oust him as speaker. In this article what I understood was that because of his choices to basically shut down fundings and move spending bills going against Biden has caused somewhat of a tension leaving him to play with fire as he battles with the chances of him being booted out of being a speaker by the house. Last article I read about this spending bill was called 'Move the f****** spending bill': See Gaetz's response to McCarthy where he becomes more aggressive and demanding because he has been put on a thin line trying to pass this bill to avoid a government shutdown. His action deemed him to potentially be ousted out of the house speaker in all these article the point is that are government has been placed between a rock and a hard spot pass a bill and potentially people of poverty will suffer more than they already are don't pass a bill and we may still struggle with the possibilities of there being a government shutdown.The president the governors the house speakers are all talking but nobody is resolving anything. All in all these article where you average political debates based on bias rather then facts and the attempt to work together to improvement this government.

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