Jailene Saba – Conversation 3


The event taking place is Hunter Biden filing a lawsuit due to lack of privacy. Hunter Biden launched a suit against the IRS on Monday, arguing that two agents wrongfully released his tax information. In all three stories, details of his taxes went out and he is now filing a lawsuit. In the news report from the New York Times, they have information about another lawsuit days after the justice department indicted him. This information is only in this article and not in the others. They all had information about how this information got out. New York Times were the only ones who had this information because they wanted to add more information and make him seem like someone who has gone to court more than once. I feel like they do this so they can make people believe a certain point of view on Hunter Biden. Without the extra information about when he went back to court a couple of days later, nobody would consider him to be someone who usually goes to court. The Word Choiced New York Times shows Hunter as a victim. It states,” targeted and sought to embarrass Mr.Biden via public statements to the media…” They also talk about how Biden has the responsibilities of a regular American citizen and that the IRS should make certain that he ibises by those responsibilities. In the New York Times, I can observe that there were leading languages used. They talk about how Biden got embarrassed and made him seem like a victim. One form of bias I can detect is the bystander effect. You can see how the author of the article brings up another lawsuit that involved a handgun in 2018 to show that Biden has a lot on his plate. The author wants us to know that he has other things going on in his life and they want us to feel a certain way. The author wants to change our opinion on how we see Hunter Biden.

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