Alex Castillo – Conversation 3

The story I chose for this conversation is the story of Hunter Biden’s lawsuit against IRS whistleblowers. In the story written by the Washington Examiner, they talk about IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler and their reasoning for their allegations against the Department of Justice. The whistleblower’s lawyer Tristan Leavitt is mentioned pushing back against Hunter Biden’s lawsuit, saying, the laws allow for “taxpayer privacy” but also for the importance of disclosures made by whistleblowers. This article was from the right. The title of the article leaning to the left by the New York Times is “Hunter Biden Sues I.R.S., Saying Disclosures by Agents Violated His Privacy”. This title sets the tone for the rest of the article. The article does not mention the whistleblowers much and uses words like “aggressive” to describe Hunter Biden’s legal teams’ stance. The article more center oriented is written by Hill. They talk about how Hunter Biden’s lawyers state that the whistleblower’s disclosure of Biden’s privacy is wrong. They also mention details about the investigation opposing Hunter Biden. The right-sided article failed to mention how what the whistleblowers did was wrong. The left-sided article only mentioned that what the whistleblowers did was wrong and that Hunter Biden shouldn’t be treated differently than other American citizens. They said that to try to infer that Hunter Biden was being targeted for his status and relation to the President. This is an example of them being biased against the whistleblowers. The same buzzwords were used in all three articles, however, some articles used them less to favor their side of the story.

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