Jeff Jerez Conv 3

  • The topic I choose was Gun Control and Gun Rights,I don’t know much about this topic but I have heard that this topic can be controversial, since all states have there own laws. The story that I’m going to cover happened recently and is about New Mexico’s Firearm ban. Through all three of the stories, they cover Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham emergency order to ban firearms from being carried in public in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Also, all three talk about the lawmakers, police chief and people from her party not supporting this move. The left source from contained other facts that the other two did not. These facts, I realized, were in support for Grisham more than the others, and also they weren’t used nor mentioned by the other two. Also, I wanted to mention the right source from that also contained other facts that the other two didn’t. In this source though, we instead get more facts that are against the ban, but they dragged the facts that all three have in common. 
  • I feel like foxnews went that direction because from what I’m reading, this order that Grisham passed wasn’t taken lightly at all and many people aren’t with that, including those of her party. Also, with APnews, I feel like they went that direction because they wanted to keep it balanced. I say that because in the beginning they cover all those who are against this move but then in the second half they talk about those who are in support. Both the left and the right used neutral language but the facts they represented were very distinctly pointed out. But also, the right source was a-lot more negative. I can mainly detect bias, though, in the left source mostly, since it represented both bad and good facts. 

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