Essence Edmonds Conv 1

According to Dr. Richard Paul, critical thinking is “The art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view of improving it”. After viewing What is Critical Thinking? A Definition by Gary Meegan, critical thinking can be defined as a skill that we all can use to help understand the thinking or actions of others. And how those actions or way of thinking show you their outlook on the world. Mr. Meegan talks about the components that go into critical thinking such as analyzing and evaluating. These components are used to understand how their way of thinking was constructed. When analyzing we must dissect that individual’s thought process by the clues that are presented to us. Whether that may be mannerisms, characteristics, or in their pieces of work. Once we determine their reasoning, we can evaluate. When evaluating we can assess the quality of that individual’s thinking and determine if it can be trusted. This is important because it helps you navigate through your everyday life. You are also able to get a better understanding of the world. I agree with Mr. Meegan because this aligns with my personal way of thinking. In the Ted Talk, Jessie Richardson shared a different perspective. He speaks on how children want to be able to participate in their education and not just be taught. He also speaks on how we should question society on what is deemed wrong or right. This is also important because children should know that their idea of thinking isn’t wrong because they’re different. I also agree with Mr. Richardson because if children are exposed to critical thinking at a younger age, their ability to be better prepared for their futures would increase.

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