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The School of Thought, a non profit providing free education resources on critical thinking, created a site on logical fallacies. Each fallacy is condensed into a single, simple sentence that anyone could understand (attached here). Assignment for online discussion board: Review the list of logical fallacies. Select one fallacy by […]

Read and respond to 2 articles: “You Still Need Your Brain” and “How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth”

Read the articles “You Still Need Your Brain” By Daniel T. Willingham and “How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth” by Farhad Manjoo. 1.  In your own words, what is the main concern raised by Fareed Manjoo in “How the Internent Loosens Our Grip on the Truth?” 2.  […]

On happiness

Students can choose one or several of the following articles and videos on happiness to answer the questions below: 1. What are the main points of the article/ video? 2.  How did the article/ video change or challenge your thinking about the nature of happiness? 3. Based on what you read […]

Morality Quiz

Students can take the quiz at home and come to class prepared to share their results with a partner, or write a reflection about their experience of taking the quiz and about the results. As a follow-up activity, students can create a morality quiz in class, in groups, and then […]