The Twittering Machine: Has Twitter changed the world? This is intended as a potential supplementary reading on this topic, “Has Twitter changed the world?” I think of it as a possible follow up to the previously posted newspaper story that has the potential to suggest to students some ways to broaden the inquiry into the potential and already-existing social and psychological impact of Twitter (and other similar online platforms), from utopian hopes to grimly subversive, corrosive social effects. It assumes that students (or some of them) may be aware of some of the arguments that are suggested by Richard Seymour’s short introductory text, supporting or offering negative critical views of social media which they can share with one another in discussion, and summarize and respond to in writing. It also contains another sort of potential (optional) critical reflection for the students to respond to the Paul Klee painting after which Seymour gave the title to his book, The Twittering Machine. What does it portray? How does this sort of symbolic, iconic drawing communicate an attitude toward the topic it is here presented to illustrate?

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