Decoding Media Bias: PBS Lesson Plan and Resources

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This resource says it is intended for grades 7-12 but the lesson should work well in CRT 100. It can also be modified.

Students will view the We The Voters film “MediOcracy,” and then examine current news stories and how they’re covered by three main cable news outlets. They will conclude by examining news stories for bias/point of view.

Assignment/ Instructions for students: Go to the following three cable news outlets: 

CNN:, Fox News:, MSNBC:

Choose a topic addressed on all three networks. Next, read a story from each network to examine for point of view.

What is the story/ event? What facts were included in all three stories? Was there one news source that contained facts the other two did not? Why might that be? What did you notice about the language/word choice? Was there leading or subjective language to favor one point of view over another?