Reflective Prompts

Reflective question to pose at the start of the course semester to assess knowledge of corrections: 

What are some of the major issues facing the institution of corrections in the U.S.? [1 paragraph, approx. 100-200 words]

Reflective question to assess learner understanding of the importance of employing humanizing language, specifically as it pertains to people connected to or who have involvement with the criminal justice system: 

Based on your review of the readings that clarify the concept of “Humanizing Language”, take time to explain the importance of reconsidering the labels our society uses to identify specific groups? [1 paragraph, approx. 100-200 words]

Reflective question to begin the discussion around the myriad challenges facing jails, or problems associated with solitary confinement, solitary confinement for juveniles, pre-trial detention, prosecutorial discretion, judicial discretion, etc. 

What went wrong in the Kalief Browder case? See a comprehensive article on the case published by the New Yorker, Before the Law by Jennifer Gonnerman.

Other questions

Why do a number of cases result in wrongful convictions? Describe the factors likely to lead to a wrongful conviction.