Step 7

My revised hypothesis was that the soaring numbers of Larceny-theft crimes affecting my neighborhood will be replicated throughout the country. When conducting research via the F.B.I’s Crime Data Explorer, which utilizes data from the Uniform Crime Reporting system, I learned the rate of larceny theft has actually been decreasing in both my home state of New York, and the entire United States. As you will see below:

In addition to this, I learned that the rate of Larceny-thefts in New York State have been on par to the rates of the United States. With the way both rates head in the same downward direction, I’m predicting that before 2024, the two rates will meet at nearly the same point.

Other than the F.B.I’s CDE, I also utilized the NYCPD’s historical crime data to research the larceny thefts of my local precinct (the 47th), and I was shocked. While I couldn’t calculate the rate since i couldn’t gain the specific population of NYC from 2010 – 2020, I found the raw numbers of both total violent crimes and larceny-thefts reported at the 47th precinct, and compared them as below:

Taking a step further, I calculated the percentage that Larceny-theft makes up out of the total violent crime reported in the 47th precinct and found a high point of approximately 31.95% in 2016.

With the results of my research, I realized that I proved myself wrong. The soaring numbers of Larceny-theft crimes affecting my neighborhood are actually a part of a bigger study, one that proves that the Larceny theft in New York is decreasing like literally never before.

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