COIL Partnering Resources + March 15 Reminder

The CUNY COIL Working Group hosted a workshop this week to help faculty conceptualize how COIL may work for them, and strategies they may use to find a partner. I hope you find these slides helpful.

If you have identified a partner to do COIL next year, please complete this participation form by March 15. There will be 2 workshops in April/May for this new cohort to prepare their COIL projects. 

After this deadline, you will still hear from me about potential partnering opportunities. BMCC is becoming a part of the new COIL Connect initiative, and the WC2 initiative, of which CUNY is a member, is opening their partnerships to do virtual exchange. So stay tuned! If you can’t join the workshops this spring, we can do individual prep. 

In the meantime, I’m happy to meet with anyone who has more questions or would simply like to brainstorm:

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