Posting Final Report

  • Remember: use photos from your neighborhood where you did research, pictures of people/businesses who you met, graphs and charts from your analysis. Suggest 6-12 of these in your report
  • Take content from Research Proposal assignment and paste into Final Report (Sections for Steps 1 & 2 now done!)
  • Write CEEP Final Report initially in Word or Google Doc (due 1 week before end of class)
  • Confirm with mentor, faculty and peer that they have reviewed your report (due 1 week before end of class)
  • Submit Word version into Canvas/Blackboard if requested by faculty (due 1 week before end of class)
  • Join Open Lab
  • Review the Sample Report page here on this site for ideas of how to create your Final Report post
  • Professor sends you access to CEEP project space
    • Look for email from Open Lab inviting you to CEEP Project
    • Click New Post in top navigation
    • Copy and paste your content into the Blog
    • Don’t for pictures, graphics and charts all are required
    • Explainer video below…

How to become a member of CEEP on the OpenLab

How to write the final report on the CEEP website