PI:Christopher Stein
Agency: CUNY Continuing Education and Workforce Programs with funding from NYS Department of Labor
Type: CUNYCodes
Duration:Fall 2016–Spring 2017
Award: $21,653

#CUNYCodes is an experiential learning program run through CUNY Continuing Education and Workforce Programs (CEWP). The program provides students the opportunity to grow their applied software development skills. Under the guidance of an experienced industry mentor, students spend 12 weeks working in teams to design and develop their own deployable applications, while learning to incorporating industry concepts and practices such as project management, user case analysis, SCRUM, and agile in development into their workflow. BMCC was the first community college partner in the program. Both senior college and BMCC students participated in the program at BMCC in spring 2017. I worked with CEWP staff, BMCC Office of Internships and Experiential Learning and faculty from the Media Arts and Technology Department and the Computer Information Systems Department to help organize the space, program, OTPS materials and recruit students and a faculty coordinator.

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