Character Design – FINAL PROJECT

This is Emeleon, he’s a big sweetheart. He’s an athlete and he loves to run and climb things, he does parkour for fun and he slams on his hands to run faster or pounce on things. He wears finger-less gloves to protect his hands from calluses, while also being able to grip on things tighter. His nails are really strong and don’t break easily and he uses them in combat. He’s a bit dumb and tends to provoke the wrong people and ends up fighting frequently.

It was difficult to come up with his character traits considering there was so much I wanted to do, I eventually narrowed it down to a dumb loving fighter because I wanted to focus on doing fun dynamic poses in my animation. He was gonna originally be a demon but then I sorta made him a weird hybrid? He has horns, sharp ears, bear-like hands, slick sharp feet, and a lizard tail. It was hard to narrow things down so I just created an amalgamation of sorts and I liked how he came out nonetheless.