Benefits and Services

Organizations are changing their operations to incorporate new benefits for employees by making sure they gain from working for the company. They offer the workers benefits like,  transportation benefits, educational benefits, severance pay and paid sick and personal days. Transportation benefits are to ensure you can get back and forth to work, educational benefits for you to expand in the field your in. The severance pay is to assist in maintaining your livelihood until you are able to find other employment and paid personal and sick days are for the employees to feel comfortable when needed to handle their personal business and or not feeling well.

All of these benefits are appealing to me because it works to my benefit. These benefits are of a great deal of assistance because it helps you financially. Metrocards are expensive and that expense can go to something else in the household. Not everyone like myself, was able to afford to go to college and or finish high school. So an organization paying to further ones education is always a plus. Severance pay, paid personal and sick days are all for the employees benefit not the company. It shows they care for their staff. I would consider taking a lower rate as long as there is long term gain. It shows the company is looking for loyal employees and are willing to do what they have to do to keep them.

Employee Benefits Study: Which Job Perks Do Employees Value Most? (

Studies show that these benefits are paying off in the long run for companies. The perks are sustainable and reliable. Perks as these create a good work environment for everyone. In life what you put out you will receive in return. Help your employees help you.



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