A Case of Disengagement

  • What do you think is the most demotivating part of Harper’s job?
  • If you were an HR manager meeting with Harper’s supervisor, David, what advice would you give to help them re-engage Harper?
  • What would be the downside of losing Harper as an employee?

After reviewing Harper’s situation, it seems warranted why she would feel as such. The workload that she was familiar with has been altered in such an immediate or unexpected fashion that she hasn’t fully adjusted/adapted. Not to mention that Jose’s presence doesn’t seem replaceable by David in any possibility.

Personally, if I was placed within a HR Manager position I would certainly desire to account for Harper’s difficulties adjusting; though I would have to keep in mind that David still has his set responsibilities (as well as managing a greater amount of individuals compared to Jose). I would likely seek that other employees under David could help out somewhat with Harper’s workload, if the option of hiring another person onto the staff is thrown out the window. It would be a major risk to lose Harper as an employee, seeing as there would be a larger amount of work that would have to be directed at other employees. This in turn could result in other employees deciding to leave said company due to the overabundance of work assigned onto their plate.

2 thoughts on “A Case of Disengagement

  1. Mohamed Hossein

    Hello Jamal. I think it is a great point that you mention that other employees might decide on leaving due to being overworked or due to the “overabundance” of work they are given. It kind of makes me realize that this is the sad reality of the world we live in. It is not easy and there are a slot of people who tend to struggle, however, have no choice but to remain in the same position they are in because it is their only source of income. I feel like many of us might be able to relate to this last statement you made.

  2. Nadia Khan

    Hi Jamal. You make some really good points in your post, about having other workers help out with Harper’s workload. You also mention another possibility that other workers may want to leave the company because of an increase in their workload too which I hadn’t thought about. You also mention that Harper has a workload she has not fully adapted too yet. Do you believe after a while when Harper has gotten used to it, will stay in the company?

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