Case Study

The overwhelming work load that Harper has to deal with is the most demotivating part of her job. She enjoys the work but in moderation. By having so much to do she can’t balance her personal life and its causing her to no longer enjoy the work. As and HR manager I would recommend David try to make himself more available to his team so they can reach out if necessary. I would then advise him to review the workload that each teammate has and either delegate the tasks so that everyone has an equal workload. If everyone seems to be overwhelmed I would advise David to scheduled the projects in a manner that allows the team to target one goal at a time. A downside of losing Harper would be the tam will have one less person with extensive experience and knowledge of the company. Also if Harper leave the company a portion of the workload wouldn’t get completed and another employee may become just as overwhelmed.

2 thoughts on “Case Study

  1. Jamal thomas

    The reviewing of a variety of workloads for Harper’s fellow co workers is a good point. If Harper has a large abundance compared to others on her level, It could be spread out somewhat evenly potentially.

  2. Fatima Pichardo

    Hello Branine, I agree with the last point you made about losing Harper. If they lose one more person that’s just going to create more work for the rest of the team and if management doesn’t do anything about it that’s just going to cause mor employees tom quit because they’ll feel overworked and like the company doesn’t really care about them.

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