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Harper’s Solution

It is very common for what Harper is feeling. Humans for the most part do not enjoy change and it can be difficult to acclimate to change. This with added on stress could make anyone feel defeated.

The first tip I would suggest for anyone being in this situation is to voice their concerns as well as needs that could help on finding a solution. It looks like Harper has tried to express her concerns to her new boss. But it seemed that her needs weren’t not met.

The next step would be reporting the issue to HR. Here HR can coordinate with David on an action plan. The first step is seeing if filling Jose’s positions would be in the companies best interest. If there is an ability to fill his position promoting Harper will be a huge advantage for the company. She has been with the company for about 4 years and worked under her previous boss very closely. If not hiring someone into Jose’s position is not feasible then steps to showing acknowledgment the good work Harper has been doing needs to begin. The company can also use other employees to delegate task to so Harper doesn’t feel all the pressure themselves.

Losing Harper would cost the company more money because they will need to find another person to fill her position and train them which take a lot of time and energy.

The Founder

Roy Kroc from the beginning of the movie is portrayed as a business man that values his financial success and growth, with what’s next to come. Obtaining his success seems to be the only goal since there is no deterrence even if his choices effect anyone else. The first example is his relationship with his wife. The McDonald’s brother other on the opposite spectrum success comes from fulfillment of what they have currently accomplished. They talked much of their prior failed attempts at the first dinner with Roy and even with their failures they seemed excited by what they have thus accomplished.

The differences between Roy & the brothers can give insight that even though the decision the made have seemed as the wrong move but all they wanted was to continue with their one location. The deal was the best the brothers would have gotten because of lack of representation in a court room. They never got what to them represented success [their first restaurant] but monetary wise they achieved a huge payout.

Roy was charging the franchisees a monthly rent for the land and supplies needed to run a McDonalds location. The profit made at the restaurant was kept by the franchisees. It can be seen as a win win model of business because the popularity of the chain gave way to more customers.

I do not see McDonalds any different since I don’t eat their food. The large amount of stores and low quality food is not appealing. The brothers where trying to avoid this reaction from their customers but Roy only cared about profit not long term customer retention.

Delta Airlines Ethics

     I fly with Delta frequently, I am part of their loyalty program as well as an AMEX holder through them. The biggest reason for this is because the consistent service I receive from them. From their app platform, gat agents and their flight attendant my expectation is always met, as well there are many moments it is exceeded. I  correlate this mainly to the idea ”happy employees, happy service”. Ethics falls under moral compass and for companies to hold high ethical standards that begins with the people they employee then secondly how those individuals are treated.
     Looking a bit into their standard of work environment, along side policy’s in place in relation to how customers are treated Delta Airlines finds ways to balance their choices.
     One of the topics that sticks out is the fact that Delta Airlines being one of the largest airlines in the Unites States is actually one of the few to not have their flight attendants, baggage handlers in a union. Pilots are unionized but this has been revisited by the company a few times over the year. The question is ”why are they not unionized? & why do they decide to stay with Delta and give great service?”
     On their website they show some of the awards they currently hold including Delta was recognized as the “No. 1 airline in customer satisfaction in North America by the J.D. Power 2021 North America Airline Satisfaction Study” showing how my experience with Delta is something that many other customers are feeling. Traditionally the output an employee produces weighs heavily on how they are feeling. For an individual to create a satisfactory product they not only need the proper tools, but also the knowledge as well as the want to accomplish this outcome.
     The lack of union is being outweighed at Delta because alot of their other benefits given to their employees. Wages, benifits as well as a culture of backing their employees is part of their culture. In the previous years Delta faced discrimination charges around three Muslim customers that were asked to be taken off the plan and rebook for another flight. Even though the reasons behind this decision falls under other ethical reasonings the one that sticks out is that Delta backs their employees decision. ”According to the order, flight attendants and other passengers complained about the Muslim passenger, but the captain decided to continue with the flight after his co-pilot walked through the cabin and observed nothing remarkable.” Employee safety should always be the companies first priority but in business money at times outweighs this. Delta looked into the situation further but in the moment took their employees safety into reasoning, assuming that there must be rules in place that allow this to happen.
     The previous example does still raise a concern that discrimination  should not be allowed even if someone uses their lack of feeling safe as a reason. Giving employees courses as well as outlets [therapy] to be able to learn more of other peoples culture and views could benefit the companies customer service and ethical standings with the community. This could also be another moment Delta allows its self to have a birds eye view on decision and world issues.
     In 2021 Delta announced they will be charging their employees a higher health insurance premium is they aren't vaccinated. The issue here that I see they are falling short is that the decision is not one that effects everyone equally. “Employers now get to basically fine you for doing things that are bad for somebody's health," says Professor Mukherjea When major changes like this happen is something that has to be fair across the company for it to be fair discipline. If the company feels they need certain standard of health practices from their employees it needs to be one that all can stand behind.
     Overall I do believe that the great customer service Delta Airlines is known from comes from a safe and fair work environment where employees are given the chance to perform to their best abilities. With this said Delta could still do things to improve this to make it better for some smaller groups within their own company as well as outside of it.

Xavier Pineda

My current major at BMCC is accounting. I enjoy movies, bike riding, the gym and traveling. My current goal with my degree is to continue pursuing my career in nightlife as well as advancing as a sex work advocate. Bringing necessary resources to a community that does not have the accessibility it needs for financial advancement within their industry. My BMCC email is: XAVIER.PINEDA001@STU.BMCC.CUNY.EDU

Xavier Pineda

Hi- my name is Xavier, not Javier. My major is accounting, I want to be able to continue to advocate for sex workers with my degree. Using my degree to be able to give back to a community of individuals that necessarily don’t have access to information that is vital to to their financial success. Some of my hobbies are dancing, travel, working out and watching movies. My BMCC email is: