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Founder Assignment E

  1. What makes Ray Kroc and the brothers different from each other?

The ability to take chances on brilliant ideas sets Ray Kroc apart from the brothers. Ray Kroc recognized the lucrative commercial potential. Ray persisted and raised the bar for McDonald’s as a result. The brothers, though, were committed to testing different approaches within their primary restaurant to advance. They concentrated entirely on what they already had. In contrast to Ray, who looked for dependable leaders to handle the restaurants, they didn’t think it was possible to uphold their ideals and honesty when it came to creating new sites.

2.Do you think the McDonald’s brothers did the right thing by selling out to Ray Kroc? Did Ray Kroc give the brothers a good deal?

Although the brothers were good local businessmen, I believe their choice was more wise than right because they weren’t ready for expanding . According to Kroc, the name “McDonald’s” was highly distinctive and uncommon, which is what inspired him to obtain it. It’s the type of name that makes you wonder what it is, so you pay attention to it. It was the best and most shrewd approach, as Kroc had better business understanding than the brothers. His presence aided McDonald’s in becoming the enormously successful business it is today.

3.How did the local store franchisees make money?

By coming up with fresh concepts that generated interest and encouraged repeat business for McDonald’s, local franchisees made money. Additionally, the managers would bring in customers who liked them, which would increase the number of people that came in.

4.How did Kroc make money? How was that different than the franchisees running the local stores?

Kroc profited from his franchising business and his real estate venture with McDonald’s. He also acquired the brothers’ business. This was distinct from the franchisees and managing the neighborhood locations since he went beyond simply overseeing operations at McDonald’s and acquired land and leased it to franchise partners, causing the business to develop. resulting in him generating a sizable profit

       5. Does this film change your view of McDonald’s?

       Due to the nature of the franchise and how they promote unhealthy eating, this movie did not really alter my opinion of McDonald’s. However, I was quite interested to learn how Kroc accomplished everything he did. I had never witnessed entrepreneurship at this level before, and it impressed me. Overall, Kroc overcame many obstacles to build McDonald’s into the industry powerhouse it is today, and I can admire that.