The Founder

  1. What makes Ray Kroc and the brothers different from each other?

When it comes down to Ray Kroc and his brothers, the difference are clear as day. It seems as though the brothers were more invested in making sure they could push the best possible brand/product out while Ray Kroc wanted to maximize the business and it’s potential. Ray wanted the product to be as big as possible while making a good amount of money too. Throughout the movie you could just tell there was a big disconnect in regards to their beliefs.

2. Do you think the McDonald’s brothers did the right thing by selling out to Ray Kroc? Did Ray Kroc give the brothers a good deal?

The McDonald’s brothers most definitely did the right thing selling to Ray Kroc and they honestly did not really have a choice. In terms of their financials if they would’ve not sold out to Ray Kroc they would have been in a terrible spot and that would have meant bankruptcy being a possible option. Kroc had the mindset of doing whatever it took to make sure McDonald’s could thrive and that led to him being in a great position. In regards to the deal it was solid and in the end helped the brothers in the long run. They really had no other choice so wise would be a understatement for their decision.

3. How did the local store franchises make money?

The local franchises made their money through various ideas in which they had to ensure the franchises could continue to make their money. I believe the biggest factors were that the local stores were independent and this allowed them to be able to broadcast how they wanted their businesses to be.

4. How did Kroc make money? How was that different than the franchisees, running the local stores?

Kroc made his money through the investors who would come to see how things were unfolding. Many people would say that Kroc was not right in terms of buying his brother’s business but in the end it made things move a lot quicker for Kroc. Kroc’s unorthodox ways in which ultimately led him to make more money and become a titan in the business world.

5. Does this film change your view of McDonald’s?

This film did not really change my view on McDonald’s due to the nature of the franchise and how they go about promoting unhealthy eating. But being a business major it definitely intrigued me to see how Kroc managed to do everything he did. It showed me a level of entrepreneurship in which I hadn’t seen before. All in all Kroc managed to work through to make the McDonald’s the titan it is today and honestly that is something in which I can respect.