The Founder

Roy Kroc from the beginning of the movie is portrayed as a business man that values his financial success and growth, with what’s next to come. Obtaining his success seems to be the only goal since there is no deterrence even if his choices effect anyone else. The first example is his relationship with his wife. The McDonald’s brother other on the opposite spectrum success comes from fulfillment of what they have currently accomplished. They talked much of their prior failed attempts at the first dinner with Roy and even with their failures they seemed excited by what they have thus accomplished.

The differences between Roy & the brothers can give insight that even though the decision the made have seemed as the wrong move but all they wanted was to continue with their one location. The deal was the best the brothers would have gotten because of lack of representation in a court room. They never got what to them represented success [their first restaurant] but monetary wise they achieved a huge payout.

Roy was charging the franchisees a monthly rent for the land and supplies needed to run a McDonalds location. The profit made at the restaurant was kept by the franchisees. It can be seen as a win win model of business because the popularity of the chain gave way to more customers.

I do not see McDonalds any different since I don’t eat their food. The large amount of stores and low quality food is not appealing. The brothers where trying to avoid this reaction from their customers but Roy only cared about profit not long term customer retention.