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Make Your Course Active (Available to Students)

Your courses will start out inactive so that you can prepare them before releasing to students. When you are ready for students to access a course, you can take the steps in this short (less than a minute) video:

How to make your course active in Brightspace so students can access it.

We also have the steps listed here:

  1. Navigate from the course navbar to Course Admin (under Tools in default BMCC navbar):
Screenshot of BMCC course navbar, highlighting "Course Admin" in the "Tools" dropdown.


2. Click “Course Offering Information”:

Screenshot of Course Admin page with "Course Information" link highlighted.

3. Scroll down and check off box next to “Course is active”:

Screenshot of "Course is active" checkbox under "Active" on Course Offering Information page

4. Click “Save” at the bottom:

Screenshot of save button at bottom of course offering information page.

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