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    BMCC Criminal Justice Program

    Welcome to the BMCC Criminal Justice (CRJ) Program!

    The CRJ faculty are excited to share the CRJ Course Hubs that we have created to promote faculty adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) which directly support the Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) program at BMCC.

    The CRJ Course Hubs offer the opportunity to teach your course using OER which have been carefully curated by your colleagues (and at no cost to students). You are not obligated to adopt OER, of course, nor are you obligated to use all our resources wholesale, but you may find useful course resources on the hubs in any case.

    Course Course name Hub Developer Course Hub Link on OpenLab
    CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Brenda Vollman
    CRJ 102 Criminology Liza Chowdhury
    CRJ 200 Constitutional Law Dan DiPrenda
    CRJ 201 Policing Jason Ostrowe
    CRJ 202 Corrections Shenique Davis
    CRJ 204 Criminal Justice & the Urban Community Michelle Ronda