Learning Disabilities and Access to Foreign Language Learning

Maria Enrico, Professor

Modern Languages

Type of Leave
Fellowship Award for Improvement of teaching
Half year starting Spring 2022

Project Description
Creating barriers or excluding learning disabled students, and students in general from the many benefits of learning a foreign language in our global city and world is doing them a great disservice. The goal is to identify the extent of this practice within CUNY and the tri-state area and determine the best course of action to confront and change perceptions and pedagogical outcomes.

Offices of accessibility tend to focus on providing waivers, course substitutions or extended time. None of these accommodations address the fundamental issue of successful access to foreign language learning or any other discipline.

Some faculty members indicated implementation of UDL as a general practice. Others voiced interest and a desire for more training on how to incorporate it into their classes and curriculum development.

Offer hands-on workshops on UDL for all disciplines, followed by department specific ones. Focus on pedagogical strategies and techniques, and a review of current syllabi with an eye to including more UDL material presentation and assignments.