Faculty Speak Up: Experiences and Needs of Untenured Faculty at an Urban Community College

Saniye Deniz Gokcora, Associate Professor

Academic Literacy and Linguistics

Type of Leave
Fellowship Award for Research
Half year starting Fall 2021

Project Description
The study summarizes the voices of faculty members at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Since research on community college faculty is very scarce, the limited research on community college does not illuminate any information about college faculty. Using a mixed-method methodology, 50 faculty at different stages of the tenure process were interviewed about their experiences and needs for teaching and doing research at their college. All interviews were audiotaped, transcribed, coded, and analyzed. Although teaching is the heart of community colleges, there is a lack of knowledge which leads to misinformation about community college faculty. This study provides an answer to a much-needed question on faculty voices at different phases of their duties in the college. NYC provides a very rich multicultural background that gathers faculty from various disciplines nationally and internationally. This study details the experiences and needs of faculty at different stages of the tenure process. The findings reveal faculty take pride in social responsibility of teaching first generation undergraduates. Although faculty are satisfied with many aspects of teaching at an urban community college, they need guidance and resources in some areas of teaching and scholarly work. Class size, student preparation, and are some challenges that face early tenured faculty.

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