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Afro Peruvian-Interview – Hear their voices

This OER was co-created by members of the Black Studies Across the Americas project. Feel free to peruse the below content and download for your own use within our Creative Commons license. Co-authors: BreAnne Wheat Keywords: Peru Afro-Peruvian Creatives     Afro Peru BSAA- Their voices      

Art and Accessibility Slide Show Lesson

In this lesson plan, students are asked to analyze how museums, their donors, and board members make decisions that make them “gatekeepers” to what we can study and appreciate. Students will think critically about who has the rights to collections and resources to bring these collections to the public, and how certain populations are over- or under-represented in the world’s largest museums.

Examining the Socio-Economic and Health Conditions of Afro-descendants in Costa Rica

We examine the socio-economic and health conditions of Afro-descendants in Costa Rica, including differences in educational outcomes between Afro-descendants and the rest of the population, differences in employment outcomes, differences in economic mobility, and access to medical insurance. We delve into understanding the history and politics of Costa Rica to contextualize our findings.