Ayiti Mond! Haiti World Magazine | Haitian Revolution • Figures of the Revolt • Sociopolitical Structure • Ayiti Original Women

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Black Studies Across the Americas

Haiti Cohort

Professor RaShelle R. Peck, Professor Alexander J. Ho, Janelle Poe, MFA, and Student Researcher Ime Ekpo

This study is for individuals who are unfamiliar with the Haitian Revolution and the story of the first free Black republic post the eras of colonial rule. The primary audiences are high school and college freshmen. The secondary audiences are students of all dominations and majors who are interested in gaining insight into the Haitian Revolution. The tertiary audiences are members of society who engage in independent studies about the African diaspora and wish to tackle the happenings of the Haitian revolution.


Ayiti Mond! Magazine Lesson Plan