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Ayiti Mond! Haiti World Magazine | Haitian Revolution • Figures of the Revolt • Sociopolitical Structure • Ayiti Original Women

Borough of Manhattan Community College Black Studies Across the Americas Haiti Cohort Professor RaShelle R. Peck, Professor Alexander J. Ho, Janelle Poe, MFA, and Student Researcher Ime Ekpo This study is for individuals who are unfamiliar with the Haitian Revolution and the story of the first free Black republic post the eras of colonial rule. The primary audiences are high school and college freshmen. The secondary audiences are students of all dominations and majors who are interested in gaining insight into the Haitian Revolution. The tertiary audiences are members of society who engage in independent studies about the African diaspora […]

The Sounds of Haiti, Past and Present

Collaborators: Created by Leah Lalljie, BMCC and Joely Castillo, BMCC Graduate Fellow Janelle Poe, The Graduate Center, CUNY Faculty Mentor: Prof. Alex Ho, BMCC and Prof. RaShelle Peck, BMCC External Collaborators: Paul M. Martinez and Marasa Lafalaise, Central Park Rara Summary: These two related Open Educational Resources (OERs) asks students to think about the music of the world through project-based learning. Leah and Joely focused on music from Haiti. For your project, you can pick a country or a genre of music to explore. Think about what the music and genre says about it’s origin country or place. Haiti’s rich […]

“The Sounds of Haiti, Past and Present” Lesson Plans

The following are lesson plans guiding the use of two Open Educational Resources (OERs) about the music of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora. “Exploring History Through Music” Lesson Plan by Joely Castillo, BMCC “Haiti Music!: How history affected the development of Kompa and Hip Hop Creole” Lesson Plan by Leah Lalljie, BMCC This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.

Gender and Spirituality in Garifuna Music and Dance Culture

    Overview In this lesson plan, students will learn about Garifuna culture by exploring some of its musical practices. They will read an article that discusses the traditional rituals highlighted in various Garifuna music and dance performances. In the article, they will also examine gender roles in Garifuna culture, and how Garifuna music has evolved over time to incorporate aspects of Punta Rock. Students will also watch video clips of an interview with Prof. Pablo Joseph López Oro, which will help them grasp the differences between spirituality and religion in Garifuna culture and also learn about how gender and sexuality […]

Garifuna leaders: the struggle for Garifuna rights across the Americas

Overview In this lesson plan, students will learn about the struggles of the Garifuna communities, including gentrification, displacement, political representation, and racial and gender discrimination, across the Americas. They will examine the historical, political, and social factors that shaped these struggles, and the role of important leaders in fighting for the rights of these communities. The students will read an article that highlight the struggles faced by the Garifuna in Honduras, New York (USA), Belize and Guatemala, and how leaders from the past (Thomas Vincent Ramos) and present (Miriam Miranda, Aida Lambert, Paul Joseph López Oro and Gloria Nunez) have […]