Art and Accessibility Slide Show Lesson



Created by Ella Doyle, BMCC, CUNY  

Graduate Fellow Janelle Poe, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Rachel Corkle

Costa Rican Art Museums and Accessibility of Non-European Art 

This BSAA OER asks students to think about the politics and stakes in where we house art and artifacts, specifically looking at Costa Rican art and art museums. Students will be asked to analyze how museums, their donors, and board members make decisions that make them “gatekeepers” to what we can study and appreciate. Students will be asked to think critically about who has the rights to collections and resources to bring these collections to the public, and furthermore how certain populations are over- or under-represented in the world’s largest museums.

Use this slide show on its own for information, or with the corresponding OER lesson plan.