Character Design

This was the fifth project of the semester and during this assignment, I had a lot of fun designing this character. My process in coming up with this character was done by looking through old sketch books and looking at reference images on Pinterest.

Name : Teddy 127

Gender : Female

Age: 12

Height : 5ft

Personality: There is no soul in her body when it comes to normal emotion. She Cares only aboult one thing and that is the little bunny she carries around.

Background: Teddy 127 was raised from birth to become a trained assassin. She was found by the head of the SPIKE organization a rental assassinate group. In this environment, Teddy 127 was made to be the perfect assassin. She was tough how to have no emotion, no empathy, and was taught how to suppress pain.

Ball Study #2

This is the third project of the semester and once again I had a few bumps in the road. One of the challenges I faced when doing this project was the software kept crashing every time I touched one of the layers. Will this issue I wasn’t able to edit the layer. In the following video, a ball falls off a cliff and rolls through a grassy park.

Ball Study #1

This is the second project of the semester and it was quite a challenge for me. It was a challenge because at first, it was hard to try and make the fistball (the pink ball) bounce at a normal rate and not a super speed. In the following video, we have two different balls bouncing at the park.